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10 -Day

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15 - Day

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30 - Day

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Program Options

The Journey to GoddessFit Wellness Program  is an all-encompassing training program that combines all aspects of health and wellness and focuses on the principles of positivity, commitment, consistency, and collective empowerment. This comprehensive guide to healthy living provides participants with daily meal plans, recipes, grounding practices, workout routines and more that will kickstart and elevate anyone’s wellness journey. 


This is a huge first step to making your personal lifestyle change. And the beauty of this program is that we’re doing this together! With the support of fellow Goddesses and Gods, we’ll explore the elements of a healthy lifestyle on our journey to happiness, light, and overall well-being.

By the end of the program, you will be accustomed to the consistent practice of prioritizing self-care, knowing your body, journeying to self-discovery, establishing a healthy relationship with food, developing confidence, and achieving peace of mind.


Through daily physical, mental and spiritual exercises and activities applied to your everyday life, this program introduces you to a safe space of support and self-preservation; that’s what we are all about! 


You have the option of choosing from three program durations that can directly coincide with wherever you are in your wellness journey:

  • 30 Days to GoddessFit

  • 15 Days to GoddessFit

  • 10 Days GoddessFit

Activity Breakdown

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Nutrition and Meal Prep

A weekly food diary and recipe guidelines will get you acclimated to consistent meal preparation and clean/healthy eating habits.



Consistent hydration goals and reminders will be incorporated into your daily regimen.


Daily Exercise

Get fit with a variety of daily workout routines that incorporate compound movements, mobility and strength training that can be done anywhere.


Daily journaling will allow for a therapeutic release while doubling as an affirmation recording station.


Daily Gratitude Practice

We’ll begin EVERY morning with a consistent gratitude practice to set the tone for day.


Goddess Connect

The social function of this program grants you access to private Facebook groups and Community discussions. 


Check out the texts sent in your challenge package. We recommend reading at least one for the program's duration.



Brain Work

Prepare to mentally challenge yourself with various cognitive skill strengthening exercises.


Daily Checklist

A daily checklist template is provided to you, complete with all the day’s activities and space for you to customize it for yourself.

Meditation & Breathing

With daily meditation and breathing exercises, you’ll become more aware and appreciative of living in the present moment.


Our various yoga practices will promote total alignment of your mind, body and soul.


Natural Grounding

In an effort to garner a greater appreciation for ourselves and our surroundings, we're grounding ourselves through Mama Nature and aligning the mind, body and soul.

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Journey to GoddessFit


Gym Health Waiver

To register to our gym please fill out the following medical form

Do you have a doctor’s permit to participate in intense physical activities?
Have you lost your consciousness in the last past 12 months?

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