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Guess Who’s Back!

Updated: Mar 14

Hey Hey Goddesses (and Gods)! It’s been a little minute since I’ve updated the blog. And while the reasons are many, they pale in comparison to the deafening calls I’ve been receiving to pour back into my brand - calls from you and shouts from the Universe. 📣

Since our last chat, soooo much has happened. And as a result, GoddessFit was placed on the back burner. Luckily, the stove was still on - she wasn’t completely forgotten, just simmering until the flavors shmacked. And here we are, two years later with oodles of life experience, lessons learned, wisdom and clarity garnered, purpose redefined and a tasty ass meal for you.

Welcome to The Goddess Garden! The ultimate self-care library, feel good outlet and storytime hub. As we countdown to the GoddessFit by Jorré relaunch (on March 25th, 2024), “allow me to reintroduce myself.”

Hey y’all! I am Jorré and I am a fellow Goddess, wearer of many crowns, soul-full sista and ever-elevating lover of life. I’m also the Founder, Lead Self-Care Practitioner and Chief Elevation Officer of GoddessFit, LLC (who officially turned 5 this year!) I had no idea how much I’d learn and grow in starting this brand, and I am so grateful for this ride. I am grateful for all of you and I am grateful for this curated platform to share this passion of mine with you. 

From a young age, I’ve always known my purpose was to serve - and as I experienced more life, I realized that to serve I must heal and aid in the healing of my people, community and Tribe. I equated this purpose of “healing” to becoming a doctor. And so, for a majority of my life, I’d been chasing this <dream/idea/goal> of becoming a doctor (and so many iterations of a doctor, from MD to DO to ND). In the process, I almost attended medical school in Cuba to then officially attending not one, but two medical schools in Canada and most recently in the states. My journey in medicine is a telenovela all on its own, which we’ll dissect later down the line. Right now though, the main takeaway is this: I learned that in order to facilitate this community healing, I must heal myself first.

And so through my pursuit of service, GoddessFit by Jorré was born! She began as a means of accountability in my personal healing journey, with a focus mostly on physical fitness. What was initially, Zumba by Jorré (Zumba classes based in hip movement and cultural authenticity) expanded and took shape in its new identity, GoddessFit by Jorré at our kickoff #SaturdaySweat Fitness Party! (Drop a comment below if you remember our very first #SSFP!). I started the business with very little structure (not a business plan in sight), but with an overwhelming need to elevate and help my people elevate in the process.

What prompted this transformation, you ask? In instructing Zumba for so many years, I started to notice a trend especially with Black women - a certain fear or restraint around (avoidance of) letting go and letting loose, especially when presented with something new or unfamiliar. My Zumba classes became little evolutionary journeys within themselves. It began with exposing students of all ages to a liberating style of dance and expression (I’m all about moving them hips, in fact Zumba by Jorré’s tagline was “Let’s get those hips movin’ and Goddess vibrations poppin’). And then proceeded with creating a safe space for students to express, ensuring they knew it was a brave/safe space to express, and by the end of class, collectively cuttin’ up, letting loose and burning all the calories while we did. And in reliving that process with each of my classes, I fell in love with literally watching their light gradually brighten and radiate outward more and more as class went on. They were liberating themselves right before my eyes. And I loved that I was able to facilitate and support that process.

This was the driving force behind the launch of GoddessFit by Jorré: aiding Goddesses in (re)discovering their light and shining it brightly all while elevating their health, wellness and overall sense of well-being in the process. And I knew the best way for me to offer this service was to provide (definition/meaning/significance), balance and structure to self-care.

As my knowledge and experience grew within my own self-care and healing journey, the correlation between my physical & mental health improvement with consistent, intentional self-care became very clear. And what’s more, the innumerable medical and scientific evidence explaining / proving this correlation provided an even greater framework. The answer to our (health) problems was here! Self-care was the key and I needed to share it with the world - GoddessFit being the vehicle!

But let me tell you, I had no roadmap for this journey. I was just driving, speeding at times in directions that kinda felt right. I’d learn something new along the way and try to implement it as another service or offering - taking so many turns and detours to the point I just felt lost in the business and stuck with this notion that I had to do and be what was expected. It was when I started to realize I’d been driving in circles, low on gas (monies low) and frustrated that I needed to pull over. I had to take stock of where I was, figure out where I wanted to go and actually map out how I wanted to get there. After some tedious digging and searching, I finally found the roadmap (gifted to me by the All) - and it is beautiful.

For starters, I realized the GoddessFit vehicle was actually a rocket I was trying to drive on these streets - and that ain’t gonna fly (get it? 👀😂). But now she’s ready to fly and the path is clear. All aboard GoddessFit Redefined, the countdown to takeoff begins. 🚀

Buckle up and prepare for an invigorating ride, Goddesses! It’s time to rise and shine. I love you all and I’m so excited to take this journey with you! 

Shine On! ✨

Love and light,


P.S. I’m sharing the vision board (roadmap) I created a few years back and eventually made my screensaver. Take a looksie at the “vehicle 🚀” presented on the top right side of the screen - I didn’t even realize it was on there until I’d closed my laptop lol if that’s not #Alignment , I don’t know what is.

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