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This Fall is all about (re)igniting our Goddess and God Flames!

This week’s Theme is all about affirming a positive outlook and mindset as we empower every part of ourselves with Affirmations - the act of affirming/confirming something to be true. As we’ve touched on in previous weeks: what we allow into our space (be it physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) becomes embedded into our being whether we notice it or not. How we talk to and about ourselves becomes our reality! And for this reason, a consistent affirmation practice can be life changing.

Just a few benefits: Boost of confidence, overcoming bad habits, self-esteem improvement, increasing productivity, combating negative feelings, quick and effortless manifestation, etc.

In order to experience the benefits of Affirmation recitation, you'll need patience and consistency. Adopt the following Affirmation Practice into your daily routine and notice how you feel.

Wellness Challenge #4

Our affirmation challenge will revolve around healing and acceptance - embracing all parts of ourselves and establishing an abundance mindset through an I AM structure.

Your Challenge: I AM

  • We’re creating and claiming our own reality. Here are your daily affirmations for the week.

  • Prep: Inhale deeply as you breathe in all that is good. Exhale deeply as you release what doesn’t serve you. (Repeat x3)

  • What You’ll Need: Yourself | Open mind

Now Affirm