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This Fall is all about (re)igniting our Goddess and God Flames!

This week’s Theme is all about affirming a positive outlook and mindset as we empower every part of ourselves with Affirmations - the act of affirming/confirming something to be true. As we’ve touched on in previous weeks: what we allow into our space (be it physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) becomes embedded into our being whether we notice it or not. How we talk to and about ourselves becomes our reality! And for this reason, a consistent affirmation practice can be life changing.

Just a few benefits: Boost of confidence, overcoming bad habits, self-esteem improvement, increasing productivity, combating negative feelings, quick and effortless manifestation, etc.

In order to experience the benefits of Affirmation recitation, you'll need patience and consistency. Adopt the following Affirmation Practice into your daily routine and notice how you feel.

Wellness Challenge #4

Our affirmation challenge will revolve around healing and acceptance - embracing all parts of ourselves and establishing an abundance mindset through an I AM structure.

Your Challenge: I AM

  • We’re creating and claiming our own reality. Here are your daily affirmations for the week.

  • Prep: Inhale deeply as you breathe in all that is good. Exhale deeply as you release what doesn’t serve you. (Repeat x3)

  • What You’ll Need: Yourself | Open mind

Now Affirm

Do this EVERYDAY this week as many times as you need and take note of how you feel!

  • I am open.

  • I am worthy.

  • I am enough and I have all that I need to thrive

  • I am willing to see the truth about all versions of myself and embrace the beauty of each.

  • I am full of life and filled with possibility.

  • I am grateful for who I am and who I continue to become.

  • I am learning to let go of fear.

  • I am prepared to release that which does not serve me and forgive myself for past mistakes

  • I am a magnet for the experiences I most desire.

  • I am not my circumstance.

  • I am in the exact place I need to be to get where I want to be.

Virtual Sessions

SWEAT. RELEASE. And RECHARGE with a range of GoddessFit by Jorré classes offered every week! With this virtual setting, you can build a strong body and even stronger mind out of the comfort of your own home! From Yoga to Boot Camp to Zumba and more, WE GOT YOU COVERED!

M.O.V.E Power Up - Boot Camp by CMartyFit

Session will take place on Thursday, November 11th from 7:30pm - 8:30pm! This week’s movement practice is focused on Powering Up from head to toe with a Full Body Boot Camp session brought to you by Certified Trainer & Sports Nutritionist Chris of CMartyFit - a seasoned instructor of professional athletes around the world.

Prepare to strengthen and get empowered one crunch at a time. We’re exploring movements that naturally strengthen and empower on every level to remedy those mid-week blues and dominate the rest of your week with a beginner-friendly and challenging session.

When: Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021 @7:30pm

Where: Virtual M.O.V.E. Room

What You'll Need: All you’ll need for our session is an exercise mat, water, towel (optional) and a space to MOVE! Access session, here!

Meeting ID: 865 0316 8833

Passcode: 882141

GoddessFit Activator LIVE

Class will take place on Saturday, November 13th from 11:00am - 12:00pm! We’re going LIVE on our site at the link below. Get ready to RELEASE the stresses and stale energy from the week, RECHARGE our vibrational energies as we strengthen every piece of ourselves and REALIGN the mind, body and soul to empower ourselves for the week ahead. Our fun, blood-pumping cardio, bodyweight training and mindful deep stretching all in the span of an hour.

To access the LIVE session, click, here or the image above!

I am so grateful to have a platform to share what I continue to learn on this path of holistic healing with you Goddesses and Gods! Thank you all for your continued support and participation in our ever-developing events, activities and programs! Stay tuned for updates by subscribing to our Mailing List (below). We'll see you soon 💛

~ Jorré J.

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