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This Fall is all about (re)igniting our Goddess and God Flames!

This week is all about intentional MOVEMENT. Movement is the Secret of Life. We were born to move. Our health depends on movement, it's one of the best medicines - it can not only motivate our vibrational energies higher, but can strengthen our bodies, minds and souls. Daily movement can improve your mood, lessen stress, give you energy, enhance your memory, strengthen your body AND your biology, promote better sleep, and so much more!

Read on to tap into the week’s energy and check out what all is in store!

Wellness Challenge #6

Every Body is different - there's no one way to MOVE. It's easy to fall into the mindset that movement is a chore limited to repetitive exercise regimens. But that doesn't have to be our reality! This week, we’re getting creative and intentional with our movement.

Your Challenge: MOVE IT MOVE IT

  • Dedicate at least thirty (30) minutes of your day to any movement of your choice - be it walking, running, dancing, Yoga, karate, strength training, whatever MOVES you!

  • Do this EVERYDAY this week and note how you feel.

  • Tag us with your movement practice for a chance to be featured on our page!

  • Tip: Unsure of what to do? Never fear, GoddessFit by Jorré is here! Tap into any and all of the movement sessions we're offering this week! From 'Wake Up Yoga' to HIIT Core Boot Camp to Zumba to GoddessFit Activator!

  • Tip: If 30 minutes seems too daunting, break up your movement challenge throughout the day - minutes at a time. Ease into it!

  • Movement/Exercise should not be viewed as a punishment for what you eat, but rather a celebration of what your body can do, Shift your perspective and watch the benefits multiply!

  • Tag us in your movement/exercise of choice for a chance to be featured on our page! #MoveItMoveItGDF

Virtual Sessions

SWEAT. RELEASE. And RECHARGE with a range of GoddessFit by Jorré classes offered every week! With this virtual setting, you can build a strong body and even stronger mind out of the comfort of your own home! From Yoga to Boot Camp to Zumba and more, WE GOT YOU COVERED!

Wake Up Yoga

Realign your mind, body and soul with a rejuvenating 25-min Morning Yoga session. We'll focus on stretching and strengthening the muscles we've been using throughout the week with long-holding fluid movements designed to leave you feeling balanced and elevated throughout your day.

Access the full session recording, click, here or the image to the left!

M.O.V.E Release - Capoeira by Spence

This week’s virtual M.O.V.E Session is brought to you FREE OF CHARGE by Building Physiques! Prepare to Power Up every aspect of our being with a HIIT Core Session designed to explore movements that naturally strengthen and empower on every level! In this 45-minute HIIT Core session with Building Physiques founder, Spence C. we’re focusing our attention on the Core, the foundation of our being!

Take a movement break from studying and going through the motions with the perfect boost to remedy those mid-week blues and dominate the rest of your week! Cheers to entering Finals week and the start of December POWERED-UP and STRONG. Tap in!

FREE for all CCNM Students, Faculty & Staff

What You'll Need: Exercise Mat | Water

Meeting ID: 812 4272 7793 ;

Passcode: 884480

Zumba by Jorré Masterclass

When: Friday, Dec. 3, 2021 @7:00pm

What You'll Need: Space to MOVE | Water | Towel (optional)!

Meeting ID: 711 8560 0953

Passcode: Zumba!

Leave those inhibitions at the door and get ready to SWEAT. Zumba by Jorré is an empowering dance-workout Zumba class based in hip movement and cultural authenticity. This is a safe space to RELEASE and SWEAT out all that does not serve you. Let's get those hips moving, sweat glistening and Goddess vibrations poppin'!

This session will be donation-based! We're bringing this to you because we know it's needed. While we would certainly appreciate your support - it is not required! If you’d like to make a donation, please follow the link here:

To access the LIVE session, click, here or the image above!

GoddessFit Activator LIVE

Class will take place on Saturday, December 4th from 11:00am - 12:00pm! We’re going LIVE on our site at the link below. Get ready to RELEASE the stresses and stale energy from the week, RECHARGE our vibrational energies as we strengthen every piece of ourselves and REALIGN the mind, body and soul to empower ourselves for the week ahead. Our fun, blood-pumping cardio, bodyweight training and mindful deep stretching all in the span of an hour.

To access the LIVE session, click, here or the image above!

I am so grateful to have a platform to share what I continue to learn on this path of holistic healing with you Goddesses and Gods! Thank you all for your continued support and participation in our ever-developing events, activities and programs! Stay tuned for updates by subscribing to our Mailing List (below). We'll see you soon 💛

~ Jorré J.

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