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This Fall is all about (re)igniting our Goddess and God Flames!

This week is all about getting grounded within ourselves and standing in and on our roots. What exactly does that mean? Essentially, being grounded means being present in your body and connecting with the Earth. When we’re grounded, we’re centered and balanced despite our surroundings. We’ve established a strong, conscious connection with ourselves and our source of life force energy, confident and sure. Check out what all is in store!

Wellness Challenge #3

Your challenge this week will help you strike that emotional and physical balance from another perspective, with a resource readily available to us all…Mama Nature!

Your Challenge: 5-4-3-2-1, YOU'RE GROUNDED!

  • Prep: Find a safe space to sit outside, free from blatant distractions (ie. Phone, electronics, etc.)

  • What You’ll Need: Yourself | Open mind

How To / What To Expect: 

  • While sitting in your safe space, prepare to check in with your senses. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold at the top and exhale fully through your mouth. Repeat x3.

  • Take a look at your surroundings and note 5 things that you see. Now, close your eyes. Note 4 things that you physically feel (whether it's the way your clothes feel against your body or the pressure you feel underneath you from sitting where you are). Now, note 3 things you hear whether it is in or outside of your body. Note 2 things that you can smell. Finally, note 1 thing you can taste. Now, in this heightened state take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale fully through your nose, expelling all the hair in your lungs. Welcome to the now.

  • Do this EVERYDAY this week (weather permitting) as many times as you need and notice how you feel!

Virtual Sessions

SWEAT. RELEASE. And RECHARGE with a range of GoddessFit by Jorré classes offered every week! With this virtual setting, you can build a strong body and even stronger mind out of the comfort of your own home! From Yoga to Boot Camp to Zumba and more, WE GOT YOU COVERED!

M.O.V.E Release - Group Hike with The HOTties

Session will take place on Sunday, October 31st from 4:44pm - 5:15pm! This week’s FREE M.O.V.E Session is all about getting centered and grounded within ourselves and our surroundings. We’re taking a walk on “the wild side” as we get in tune with Mama Nature on our Group Hike/Walk led by the HOTties of GoddessFit by Jorré, L.O.V.E YOUth, and Hooked on Books with Ris.

Prepare to release the stress and tension from the week with our 30-min group walk and recharge in every sense with the highest of vibrations. The ideal reprieve from a long week and a safe space to center ourselves for a week ahead!

When: Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021 @4:44pm

Where: Virtual M.O.V.E. Room

What You'll Need: All you’ll need for our session is yourself, safe setting to walk & MOVE, your phone (to stay connected to the mtg.) and an open mind!

Access Session, here!

Zoom Access Info:

Meeting ID: 859 8503 9148