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Cheers to 2022!

Welcome to 2022. A year of Abundance (222) and a 6 Universal Year in Numerology. (Read on for what exactly that means and how that will affect you!) As we settle into arguably the BEST month of 2022 (#PiscesGangGang), I’d like to personally extend my well wishes and congratulations. You did it! Another year in the books. That, in itself, is a milestone - even without the backdrop of COVID-19 and the spillover of 2020 we’re all still sorting through.

Please take some time to celebrate your wins, your highs, your accomplishments and the like. It’s in these moments that we re-affirm our power and our joy. And don’t stray from acknowledging the lows. They’re a part of life and also serve as a reminder of how far we’ve come & where we’re going. In embracing all parts of ourselves and our journeys are we able to tap into the abundance that awaits.

What do we mean by Abundance?

Imagine living better than your best life. Imagine everything working out for you. Imagine yourself thriving in every area of your life. Abundance is literally having more than enough of everything you desire. Abundance is the “innate tendency of nature and of life to manifest, grow and become more.” To be abundant is to be plentiful. Abundance is everywhere - The Universe is always expanding and growing. And as an extension of the Universe, you can experience this abundance in your life, too! (If you allow yourself to). Your highest self is intricately connected to the abundant universe, the Source of everything you may desire and you have the power to decide whether you tap in to this connected self.

Quick Numerology Nerd Out

222: 222 is an Angel Number associated with new beginnings that urge us to grow and expand. The 222 kindly lets you know that you have the power to transform your reality. This angelic number is associated with happiness, good fortune & joy and symbolizes your pathway to abundance.

6: “Each year holds a numerical vibration that affects everyone on the planet, informing and inspiring our actions throughout the year.” A Universal Year of 6 revolves around the themes of accepting responsibility for self, family, home, community and a focus on healing and breakthroughs in health and well-being. Collectively, we’re embracing the energy of creativity, harmony, self-love, instilling discipline, boundaries, and being of service.

Sounds like some powerful stuff! So, you’re probably wondering how one can create and maintain a lifestyle of abundance focused on healing, health and well-being. What would that even look like? How can we tap into this energy?

Well, guess who’s got the juice…GoddessFit! (Both literally and figuratively). Moving into 2022, we’re getting more intentional about how we can aid your healing , health and wellness journeys. And to kick us off, we’re launching The Goddess Discovery Journal & Planner, a safe and sacred space right at your fingertips to help you (re)discover your inner Goddess and tap into this abundance all at your own pace!

The keys to unlocking abundance are:

🔑 intention,

🔑 self-awareness,

🔑 gratitude and

🔑 consistency.