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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

This Fall is all about (re)igniting our Goddess and God Flames!

This week we're shifting focus to self-acceptance with the theme of GRATITUDE! Consistently recognizing and expressing gratitude for the lives we lead is essential to our well-being and will set a strong foundation for the successes we'll achieve throughout this Series. Check out what all is in store!

Wellness Challenge #1

This week’s Challenge is all about inviting Gratitude into our daily lives. Taking the time to observe and reflect on the things we’re thankful for can play a significant role in our well-being and overall satisfaction. With a daily Gratitude practice, we can begin to change our perception and shape the lives we want to lead!


  • Once you wake up, dedicate 1-2 rocks (see below) to something/someone for which you’re grateful. Now, dedicate 1 rock to something about yourself for which you’re grateful. Affirm aloud or think to yourself: “I am grateful for…” while holding each rock (or crystal)

  • Keep each rock/crystal in a place where they'll be safe, visible and accessible to you throughout the day and Voila! You’ve started your day with Gratitude.

  • Do this EVERYDAY this week and notice how you feel!

How To / What You’ll Need: 

  • Collect 2-3 rocks, stones, shells, etc. that appeal to and resonate with you (FYI: This practice can be performed with crystals in place of rocks)

  • Before going to sleep, gather up your rocks/crystals and place them next to your bed to perform your gratitude practice the next morning! (Tip: Make sure they're placed in a space immediately visible to you once you wake up)

  • Dedicate a clear container, bowl, jar, bin, vase (whatever serves you) to your Gratitude Stickies.

  • Be varied and specific with your rocks/crystals - There are so many things to be grateful for - try not to repeat past affirmations! 

  • Be sure to check out our Instagram Story for inspiration and updates throughout the week!

  • Tag us with your rocks/crystals for a chance to be featured on our page!


  • Allow your gratitude affirmations to charge up your rocks/crystals by holding them close to your core, while you recite what you're grateful for

  • For my fellow crystal users, if you’re like me and you don’t trust your pockets to hold your crystal babies, your bra provides the perfect space to keep them close and secure. Just drop a few of them joints in your bra and watch the benefits and blessings multiply.

Virtual Classes

SWEAT. RELEASE. And RECHARGE with a range of GoddessFit by Jorré classes offered every week! With this virtual setting, you can build a strong body and even stronger mind out of the comfort of your own home! From Yoga to Boot Camp to Zumba and more, WE GOT YOU COVERED!

M.O.V.E Align Session - Quick HIIT with Leroy

Class will take place on Thursday, October 21st from 2:45pm - 3:15pm! This week’s M.O.V.E Session is all about Powering up every aspect of our being. We’re exploring movements that naturally strengthen and empower on every level in this 30-minute Quick HIIT session that'll give you the perfect boost to remedy those mid-day blues and dominate the rest of your day!

This week’s virtual movement practice is brought to you by Leroy Mapp of Gorilla Power! His session will burn calories while building muscle with a range of Beginner-Friendly bodyweight exercises

When: Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021 @3:00pm

Where: Virtual M.O.V.E. Room

What You'll Need: All you’ll need for our session is an exercise mat, water, towel (optional) and a space to MOVE!

Meeting ID: 859 8503 9148

Passcode: 322356

GoddessFit Activator LIVE

Class will take place on Saturday, October 23rd from 11:00am - 12:00pm! We’re going LIVE on our site at the link below. Get ready to RELEASE the stresses and stale energy from the week, RECHARGE our vibrational energies as we strengthen every piece of ourselves and REALIGN the mind, body and soul to empower ourselves for the week ahead. Our fun, blood-pumping cardio, bodyweight training and mindful deep stretching all in the span of an hour.

To access the LIVE session, click, here or the image above!

M.O.V.E Align Session - Yoga by Monife

Class will take place on Sunday, October 24th from 11:30am - 12:30pm! We’re kicking off Week Three of FRESHFIT Fall 2021 with a virtual M.O.V.E Session all about ALIGNMENT. We’re excited to welcome Monife back to the M.O.V.E Club Stage to guide us through a restorative Yoga flow that will align the mind, body and soul as we ground down within ourselves and our purpose! More info coming soon!

For registration info, click the image to the right!

The theme permeating this week holds a very special place in my heart. My gratitude journey has taken on many forms throughout the years. And just like our lives, it has not been the most linear of journeys, however I’ve had some amazing examples to follow that allowed me the space to shape my personal practice.

My godbrother, Julian was and continues to be such a light and force on this earth. He operated from this space of gratitude constantly (without really putting a name to it) that’s just how and who he was. After his lung cancer diagnosis, he really dug deep and looked within to exude his will to fight - and I believe most of his strength came from God and family, first and foremost, and this space of Gratitude. He said "Gratitude is a superpower." It certainly was one of his and it’s become such an integral component of my being.

Thank you, Julian, for continuing to instill within me this power, clarity, and alignment with my path and purpose. I AM grateful for you. I AM grateful for every moment we all shared. I AM grateful to call you family. It is not lost on me that while we were not blood, God and the Universe, and our amazing parents eternally tethered us through a foundation of love, sister/brotherhood and godsibling-ship, and that is so empowering. I love you. We love you. And I hope you Goddesses and Gods take this opportunity to invite this superpower into your daily lives. I hope you tap in and follow his example. #ScubaStrong

I am so grateful to have a platform to share what I continue to learn on this path of holistic healing with you Goddesses and Gods! Thank you all for your continued support and participation in our ever-developing events, activities and programs! Stay tuned for updates by subscribing to our Mailing List (below). We'll see you soon 💛

~ Jorré J.

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